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Hela Apparel Holdings transforms to Digital HR with MiHCM Cloud

MiHCM, a global HR technology provider, successfully implemented MiHCM Cloud across the global manufacturing facilities of the Hela Group in Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, and Egypt. 

The program was initiated with an aim to digitise its HR operations and increase employee efficiency, productivity, overall engagement, and further improve access to workforce insights. Hela is currently rolling out the MiHCM Cloud at their manufacturing facility in Kenya, with the digital solution set to go live in June 2023.

“It was indeed a remarkable accomplishment for both the MiHCM and Hela teams to be able to transform their legacy HR systems to MiHCM Cloud across their global landscape. The clear vision set by the Group CIPO and CPO to build a strong digital core integrating enterprise systems is commendable. We look forward to continuously adding value to the implemented platform with our analytics and employee engagement apps to ensure that Hela as an organisation can accomplish its set objectives of operating efficiently while maintaining greater engagement with its workforce,” said MiHCM CEO Harsha Purasinghe.

MiHCM runs on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform and will be tightly integrated with Hela’s recently rolled-out SAP S/4HANA platform. Hela will be steered by MiHCM in managing the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to retirement, covering both operational and strategic HR.

“Hela is on a journey towards digitalisation, which we believe will be crucial in preparing us to face the challenging times ahead successfully. The partnership with MiHCM is another step forward in terms of digitalising our HR processes for heightened efficiency and productivity. With this implementation, Hela employees will use a face recognition feature to check-in and check-out of work through a digital kiosk, which is also accessible via the mobile app. Employees across the world are looking at easier ways to complete the required processes at work, and initiatives such as this allow for routine HR tasks to be completed without a hassle, changing the way the HR function operates,” Hela Apparel Holdings Chief Information and Process Officer Ruwanthi Fernando said.

MiHCM Cloud is designed to transform a company’s HR operations through the utilisation of fully-fledged workforce and talent management capabilities and real-time data analytics that aid companies in reaching the potential of their workforce. This solution empowers employees to perform routine HR chores such as submitting work activities, applying for leave, and other menial tasks. 

“With over 20,000 employees across the globe, it is extremely important for us to be able to have all employee-related functions under one platform. The implementation of the MiHCM system across Hela will enhance our ability to be connected with our employees and access critical HR data easily, allowing us to build a progressive HR division that is ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow. A digitalised HR function is also more sustainable, improving our ability to reduce waste while improving productivity and efficiency. The talent management module will further help Hela to understand employee performance, facilitate Training and Development programs, and even help Hela hire the right talent for the right roles,” said Hela Apparel Holdings Chief People Officer Kaushala Prematilake.